Tuesday, 28 February 2012

On the Road Again!

 . . . by Willie Nelson

DH & I have been singing this song for the past 3 days!!!

I feel the need to share the words with you even though i can't share the truly sensationally bad singing that has emanated from the car in the last few days!!

On the road again
Just can't wait to get on the road again.
The life I love is making music with my friends
And I can't wait to get on the road again.
On the road again Goin' places that I've never been.Seein' things that I may never see again
And I can't wait to get on the road again. On the road again - Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway. We're the best of friends. Insisting that the world keep turning our way
And our way is on the road again. Just can't wait to get on the road again.
The life I love is makin' music with my friends And I can't wait to get on the road again.
On the road again Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway
We're the best of friends Insisting that the world keep turning our way
And our way is on the road again. Just can't wait to get on the road again.
The life I love is makin' music with my friends And I can't wait to get on the road again.
And I can't wait to get on the road again."
We went to another auction today but today (you should sit down!) we bought a van, thank goodness i have to admit i was beginning to wonder! 

As usual i have been taking snaps for you to peruse and i do have a favourite for today,  

The Best today!

This sign won hands down - no question about it! FANTASTICALLY ODD!

Anyway i just wanted to let you know that mission accomplished, we bought our van!

Tonights post is short and sweet because my back is absolutely killing me.  

Because of this DH and Amazing Son bought down a duvet and a million pillows for me to assume my normal sleeping position in the living room on the floor, which inherited dog feels gives him carte blanche to do as he pleases so he is curled up at the foot of my bedding, obviously to keep me safe! DH is in the study working happy in the knowledge that i can NOT get up to any mischief, whilst Amazing Son is wrapped up safely in his bed , upset that i wouldn't allow him to camp downstairs with me (its a school night! and i am grumpy because of my pain). . . so i guess now is as good a time as any to take my tablets and thank my stars that we have no road trips planned for tomorrow!   

I hope you have a better night than i am going to have!

Is anyone reading this?

Monday, 27 February 2012

I love the NHS!

We saw a very lovely friend of mine this morning, and i got my well timed hug! 

Do you remember that i told you i had an appointment later on this month for a specialist regarding my back, well that was today! and FINALLY i have been told that I qualify to have an MRI scan so my faith in the NHS has been restored and in about 4 weeks (the suggested waiting time) then a further week for the radiologist to look at the scan and then one further week for my consultant to contact me after she has spoken with the radiologist, for her to let me know the outcome of the scan, i should have a clearer picture of why i am in constant pain! (possibly!) because as you may or may not know the scan may or may not show something!!!  So hopefully we're all clear on this, lets recap.... i'm going to have a scan that might show up something that might or might not have happened to my L2, L3 and / or L4 16 months ago that i was told did happen but a scan wouldn't show it !??? confused!??

When the consultant lady said MRI i was briefly transported back to last year when i went with DH's mum for hers and i talked absolute rubbish while she was in the tubey thing so that she knew she was not on her own.  It was a full 45 minutes and i barely drew breath for comforting her with talk, whilst gently holding her left foot!, she could do nothing but lie there and listen, and whilst i thought she needed reassuring perhaps she was thinking Dear Lord would someone please make her stop talking!!! you see i think i was chattering away more for my benefit then hers and today briefly reminded me that when i allow myself to think of them both i remember how much i miss them and how much they meant to me!!  Its odd the things you remember and with such detail!   

Honestly i have the attention span of a very small child with no attention span!!  I shall go now for a cuppa and a cry! How pathetic!! I really need to sort it out! did i mention i'm going to be 40 next year - i'm nearly old!

Does anyone read this rubbish??

Sunday, 26 February 2012

2 Countries, 14 Counties in 14 hours!

Not sure how I ended up going to South Wales yesterday with DH and Amazing Son to the van auction. . . . . .But i did!

We left the house at 9ish, (our friend was looking after inherited dog!), car packed (honestly anyone would think we were going on holiday - DH must have been a  boy scout in a previous life because . . . . toothbrushes, pj's, (but we're not staying overnight!!) hat gloves coats, OK now I must take some of the blame! Have you got all your tablets and painkillers??? check, well alrighty then lets go! 3 1/2 hours later!!!

The drive there was fairly straightforward apart from Junction 8 of the M5 (M50) was closed so we had to figure out the diversion.  But the scenery was stunning and we drove through some very pretty villages, had we won the lottery last night we had already picked out about 10 or so houses we were going to move into!

I was trying to get lots of photos to show you but DH was driving sooooooo fast all i kept getting was this ......

so pretty and yay! Sunny! but missed the signpost - sorry!

and this. . . .

see the top left, welcome to South Wales (nearly! slow down!!!)

                                                                       and this

so pretty! but missed the signpost i wanted to show you again!

This sheep dancing in the road is a random photo BUT all day i have been trying to take a pic of sheep in a field in a lovely welsh valley, but between all the sheep in Wales hiding behind all of the bushes and DH driving too fast that by the time i had shouted LOOK SHEEP they were behind us!!  So no sheep pic i'm afraid and well i could have cheated and downloaded one from the internet which is exactly what i was going to do when i saw this one and thought ... how very cute!

We eventually pulled into Merthyr Motor Auctions.  There were rows and rows of vans, of all shapes and sizes, red ones, white ones, blue and black ones, vans  with strips and designs! 

Amazing Son nearly collapsed when he saw the ex fire engines and ex ambulances, and seriously I thought he was going to have a coronary when they started coming through to be sold!!  I was physically holding my breath watching him!!  and I have to be honest I was THE proudest (most relieved (?)) mum when he didn't start bidding - because he was bouncing in his seat and eventually he was told to sit on his hands (just in case)  - with moans and groans of " oh but mum they'd be perfect and they have sirens ....... PPPLEAASSSSE!!!!".   But we are a family that typically errs on the side of caution........ Some may say this is our downfall but I think it serves us well, we decided that we just didn't need the fire engine today!

For any of you that have never been to an auction, it's mostly full of traders, lovely bloky men that look upon women with a certain amount of sympathy,  "bless her poor little thing she must have taken the wrong turning  and missed the supermarket (you know those looks!!), waiting to bid! There are lots of Salesy type men silently strutting around safe in the knowledge that this was their kingdom, they knew what they were talking about! CARS!!! Mans stuff!!!  The caveman at his most primal (DH at a car auction!!) occasionally he'll look my way, nod and silently seek my approval but this was his territory, and if the salesy type men could cock their legs and pee to mark their territory then they would!! I found it very amusing watching as this knowledge was passed down generation to generation, Amazing Son happily learning these manly traits and walking eagerly in the footsteps in front of him.

The gavel was slammed down, and if your all done.......Sold, ....... BANG! sold, oh but look that's lovely shall we get that instead???....... DH's resolve would not waiver, NO be patient, .... then there is was ...... all shiny and well a van! and the auctioner was saying if your all done................sold! just not to us,!!! (amazing son earned his strips for not jumping in the air and waving is arms around (even though i know he wanted to and it had probably taken all of his might not too!)  

So in short we had driven for 3 1/2 hours for a less then average cup of tasteless coffee and some great scenery!! Time to go home . . .  so we got back in the car, without packing our new van in the glove box and left!   OH look, it's nearly 4pm shall we get something to eat?? so we drove to Gloucester and found a Toby Carvery and can I just say to anyone that might read this DO NOT GO THERE! it was awful and to be honest we just couldn't wait to get out!  

We got back in the car to head for home and Cynthia II (our satnav) decided we needed some beauty therapy, so she directed us towards the scenic route (very clever!)  We drove through the Cotswolds which led us to Cassington which took us to Oxford and Stow on the wold, and some of the most exquisite little villages!

We popped into an Uncles for coffee and wee break and before we had been there for 20 minutes it was 10pm..... poor inherited dog quick we must leave . . .  .so leave we did.  Driving past Biecester, oh the shops are shut!!! towards home.

Amazing son, DH and I fell through our front door at 10.50pm last night utterly exhausted and well a little broken.  Straight to bed amazing son . . . hand on hip pointing an exhausted arm up the stairs I commanded!!! Cup of tea, no, it's too late for coffee now!!, quick snuggle on the sofa and then bed! oh pants we've forgotten inherited dog! Dragging our broken selves off the sofa and putting inherited dog in the garden, gosh its cold.  Inherited dog was sooo pleased to see us he is quite happy just to stand there looking at us,we point at the grass, go pee we tell him...........yes inherited dog pees on command!!..... we can't put him to bed again ....he's been on his own for most of the day, so inherited dog and DH snuggled on the sofa and i put the magic blanket (another story) over them and almost drag myself army style up the stairs and wake up to DH and inherited dog looking at me for a cuddle!!  Tomorrows another day, i might not even get dressed after all it is a Sunday! my favourite!!

Is anyone reading is?

Friday, 24 February 2012


I had a dream last night that woke me crying!

In my dream DH had a horrific car crash but everything after that is very hazy and well I just can't grab it . . . I have to be honest, I think that we  as a family and as individuals have been through enough, with losing both DH's parents, a close friend, my auntie (she was more of a cousins cousins auntie, but I loved her so very much) and an uncle, my redundancy and DH's redundancy (and that's just in the past few years!) amazing son being bullied at school, (that's seems been dealt with!) and not being able to protect Amazing Son from anything that was going on around him because everyone we trusted to look after him was suddenly gone, so he had to come with us everywhere, see things that amazing sons' shouldn't have to see!, and the worry of how the hell are we going to pay the mortgage (constantly, silently panicking over that one!) I really don't think we could cope with much more drama!  My grey hairs from worrying have grey hairs of their own that are beginning to worry!! and i'm not sure how much more we can take before something snaps!  So you can understand that to dream that something so devastating is going to happen to my DH, makes me want to go directly to DEFCON 1 - wrap everyone in bubblewrap, lock all the doors, board up the windows and appoint armed guards at every exit!  A little extreme . . . .  . well yeah maybe!  

DH is making me cheese on toast, I have a mountain of paperwork to do but today I have a headache so i think we should snuggle (well if something bad is going to happen we should snuggle and make the most of our time together . . . . perhaps a movie and oh popcorn and perhaps have some of oh, what did my sister in law call it ...... body magic!!)  I love that I still love him so much, we are lucky! Don't get me wrong, we have a normal relationship, we argue, we fight, we hug and support each other.  We have been together for 11 years and i still fancy the pants of him, he's my best friend and I trust him completely, so you understand how incomprehensibly impossible life would be without him!   

I don't know why I'm worrying DH and I promised each other that we would go together holding hands, when the kids were all grown up! it was a promise! 

We still haven't found the work van so tomorrow amazing son and DH are driving to Wales (Ahhhh dream!)  to go to a Van auction! I can't go because we have no one to look after inherited dog!  I would normally ask my lovely neighbour but she had her baby yesterday! YAY!  

My life sounds so boring on paper! 

Is anyone reading this?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Over the past couple of days DH and I have been travelling the length and breadth of the country looking for a new (or not!) work van,  and in the process we have met some very nice people.  

Yesterday we drove for about an hour before we were on a dirt track housing vans of all sorts of shapes and sizes, DH WAS happy! and it turns out that my brother lived about 2 miles that way, "I know" says DH lets drop in for a coffee! Sadly, my brother was at work but lovely sister in law (who thought we were Jehovah witnesses!?? No Idea!) made us coffee and well it was just lovely to see family! (just a thought but maybe that's why I felt lonely last night, i miss them more than I realise).

Anyway, as usual i am digressing, (note to self - work on attention span!), this morning our amazing son left for school and DH and I (who by the way has started to call me MLB, my little blogger LOL) jumped in the car and raced, OK, I didn't jump anywhere nor did we race, we traveled at a very sensible 70 MPH to Birmingham, and i kid you not, after driving for 2 hours my back was killing me and i really needed to stretch but we drove into the garage, saw the state of the place and the salesman (I think the man in this photo could be a close relative, i see a family resemblance) he would have looked more at home on Crimewatch or on a wanted poster, so quietly and swiftly, but VERY politely, we slowly turned the car around and we made our get away with me muttering quick lock the doors!!!

So a wasted journey although we did get to spend 4ish hours in a confined space together without (no offence) amazing son! or killing each other, in fact it was LOVELY! it's comforting to know that when Amazing son flies the nest, (not for many years yet!! so don't be getting any ideas!) DH and I will still have fun together, and whilst I am not wishing away time, I am very much looking forward to it being just us and doing couply things!  I love this photo - this is how I see DH and I when we are old LOL.  

We stopped at a Subway for a coffee (neither of us had one!) and DH kindly noticed that next door was a mobility shop! Yes he was mocking me! AND then to add insult to injury we drove past this.....................

Seriously DH was nearly hysterical and then as we pulled on to the motorway with DH still laughing we drove past this. . . 

for anyone unsure of what this is, Quingo specialise in  . . . . . yes you've guessed it Mobility Scooters......(it's written on the side of the van!)  Again DH was trying to contain himself,  but only because he was driving not for my benefit!!

Did i tell you that i received an email from a scooter shop??  

Is anyone reading this?

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Things that go bump in the night!

Has anything unexplained ever happened to you - because things happen to me all the time!

I believe in aliens, I believe that Santa COULD exist and that fairies have as much right to live at the bottom of my garden as I have to live in my house!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I believe in the possibility of possibilities! 

I believe that if you can think it then why can't it be real?  Does anyone understand what I'm struggling to explain???   

When I was little I used to ask questions like but why is a house called a house, who woke up one morning and said OK that thing over there, that square thing with no name, well from today onwards we are going to call it a  "house" and it was!  This concept greatly confused me!  I must have driven my mum nuts!  But why is the table called a table??? you get the idea?!

In a life many years ago before I met DH or even fell pregnant with Amazing son a lady walked up to me when I was in a launderette and told me that my Nanny Ireland loved me very much! I had never seen the woman before neither have I since but she told me things that she couldn't possible know, things that only I knew!

Then a few years later a man named Yogi told me to be careful and that I was loved very much, he told me that my guardian angel was looking after me! although to be fair he did say that I would be living in Canada by now!!

We have lived in our house for just over 7 years and in those years some very odd, and spooky things have happened.  

DH and I bought this house because it was big enough to house the 6 of us comfortably! Even though we were now nearly 2 hours away from DH's children and nearly an hour from his family and my work and more importantly Amazing sons school!  For the lifestyle we would be providing these were just details!!!!! 

I moved up before DH and amazing son to see if i could find work so I noticed it first!  

Occasionally,  I would go to pick something up and it wouldn't be were I left it! Odd but maybe new house syndrome.

Then I would see shadows and bright lights but I found it quite comforting! I would find myself saying hello and DH would laugh at me!

I am a cleaning freak (although not so much since I hurt my back!) and DH used to call me Sleeping with the Enemy because my towels had to be lined up and my tinned food had to be just so with the labels facing out in my cupboards! I know...I know!!! but I would open the cupboard to get something out and the tins would be misplaced and well, not in line!!  Hairs on the back of your neck going up . . . . . .  .no of course not its just a few tins but then I would line up (yes I am this anal!) my bottles of drink flat to the wall .... you've got it, labels facing out when I went to bed and when I would wake in the morning the bottles would be diagonal, like a chess board with the labels facing the wall! this happened quite a few times with DH in the house and also when he was out!  Then came the smells of baking cookies, that lovely sweet smell, this I did not mind one bit!! it was twice and just a quick whiff but definitely cookies from my kitchen!

Then nothing for months until DH and I started talking about moving to another house, we had fallen in love with one up the road and had been to view it half a dozen times, we had decided that we were going to go for a final viewing then make an offer and go from there......but as I walked into the house someone pulled me back by my shoulder, I felt a hand and all the fingers and just assumed it was DH but was informed later that he was still at the garden gate and nobody had been behind me!   Because of this bad mojo we decided to go home, do our numbers again and have a further chat over a coffee, ...... I went to work the next morning and was made redundant, DH and I believe I was being pulled away from that house for a reason, and it would appear that we were.

Amazing son has a runner rug in his room and when I would vacuum and dust upstairs I would of course pick it up and put it back once the carpet had been vacuumed so that I could do the same with the runner.  The runner lived parallel to Amazing sons bed which is where I would leave it once happy that the room was clean! but when I would go back in an hour later or so to inspect my handy word and make sure I'd not missed anything (being the only one in the house!) the runner would be horizontal to Amazing sons bed! freaked out yet, it used to drive me nuts and i would often ask whoever was doing it to please stop!

There was the night that DH and I were in bed asleep when we both sat bolt upright in bed and simultaneously shouted "STOP!" - no idea about that one - maybe the head doctor could help!

But by far my most cherished event, (not sure what you would call them!).  We had changed the furniture around in our living/dining area, so that the living area was now at the back of the house.  I had curled up like a cat on the sofa and gone to sleep later that afternoon and dreamed that I was asleep crouching in a doorway and an old lady who reminded me of a nanny, she had white curly hair and wore a blue and white apron with white frills around the edge, and she smelt of baking, woke me and said "oh my dear you cant sleep there your going to be in the way!".  Anyway when I woke I told DH and a friend who had lived here for many years and he said that i had described Maureen who used to live next door, that Maureen used to wear an apron just like that one and she was always baking,  AND (this is the bit that gets me) where we had moved the sofa and I had fallen asleep is exactly where the connecting door used to be to enter the kitchen when the house had first been built!  SPOOKY!!! 

Maureen has never made me feel uncomfortable, although sadly I've not felt her since DH's dad died.  

Last night i had just hopped into bed, DH, amazing son and inherited dog were already asleep when there was a huge bang that sounded like something dropping on the floor, so I got up to investigate amazing sons room but nothing, I looked through the whole house and there was nothing out of place and nothing on the floor anywhere! Very odd!  

My reason for sharing this with you is this, I believe that things happen around us all the time, and if you are open to new ideas, you will see things that you wouldn't have dared dream possible.

I am lonely tonight!

Is anyone reading this?

Monday, 20 February 2012

Here's my Soul, PLEASE don't give it back!

There's something very soothing about telling complete strangers how you feel and whats going on in your head!  its something i generally find very difficult......(i should be a military daughter) because i have always felt that i should keep everything to myself, because i cant get hurt if you don't really know me!

I shall tell you a secret, i have always been scared that if i showed anyone inside my soul, it would be given back to me with a sympathetic smile and a thanks but no thanks!

I met my DH in my late 20's and he was the first person who i gave my heart and soul to completely without question and to my surprise he didn't hand them back, in fact he still has them in his pocket!  look see..........

RUN!!! Save yourselves!!!!!!!!
The ugly truth is that today i am pathetic and apart from that my head is full and i really need to dump! Honestly i really will understand if you cross the street when you see me from now on, running and screaming "SAVE YOURSELVES!!

I was not a nice person when i was a child, and caused my parents all sorts of problems.  I have a gift for pretending that i have forgotten things (only i don't forget them - i put them in boxes and seal them up tight to keep my demons in check!)  but my boxes are in danger of spilling out and need to go!

I started this blog because i was lonely, it was a way to get rid of all the rubbish that was in my head and oh my lordy there was a lot of it! if i hadn't Dashing Husband would be in trouble! it was also my way of communicating with the world and i really do enjoy our chats.

We have been helping to clear out DH's family home since his parents passed away so that it can be sold and a couple of weekends ago when we were there we came across a copy of our Wedding DVD we had given to both our parents because obviously they weren't at our wedding................. ANYWAY i shall try to stay on point, yesterday DH decided we should watch it, and whilst the actual wedding was as i remembered it ............. beautiful, our reception, (which we had when got back from Antigua) was also beautiful but we both sat there on the sofa sobbing, look there's your mum, oh and your dad's pulling that silly face, oh and there's my Nan and don't they look great .............................. do you know we have been married nearly 8 years and in that DVD we counted 4 souls that have left us (DH's mum and dad, my nan, my adoptive mum from our wedding day, we met here in the airport and immediately hit it off with her husband AND they were staying in our hotel, in a room across the hall from us! (we became firm friends and she gave me away!) ) and we saw how amazing our children looked and all our family together, my aunties amazing Wedding Cake (that i can't even remember if we thanked her for making so THANK YOU!...................) when i realised something,....................

We have become adults without even realising it, I think I need all of my rubbish out of my head to make room for the rubbish our children are going to give us, but my promise to my amazing son is that I will not let you not talk to me, I will drag your news from you and tell you how amazing I think you are, I WILL stand you in front of a mirror and tell you, "the person you see can do anything he sets his heart and mind on and that you are one of a kind - you are my miracle and the world should take notice because you are coming to change their lives just by being in them!"

I have always believed that i was meant to do something amazing ............ well perhaps i did already! I love you Amazing Son you are spectacular!

Is anyone reading this?

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Bringing home the Bacon!

DH bringing home the bacon.......... nice hat!

It's Sunday!

In my humble opinion THE VERY BEST day of the week because they are normally snuggle days, days where you get to eat lots of goodies (yes from the goodie draw) and watch the great British TV channels!  it is stupendous, and there is nothing better than talking absolute nonsense with the love of your life and amazing son whilst lazing in bed when you know there are a million things you should be doing on a Sunday morning! its makes me feel like i'm being very naughty.....

When we woke this morning it was to an empty fridge, no mushrooms, no beans, no tomatos (the little cherry ones are my favourites!) but more to the point no BACON!  DH eventually went out to the shops (in his pj's) i do love him, and i only had to nag a little saying how it was the mans job to bring home the bacon!! he smirked when i said this, kissed me and he was gone! 

He came home with all sorts of goodies, (Not to be mistaken for the goodies in the goodie draw!)


Is anyone reading this??

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Best when chilled!

WHAT A GREAT DAY! Thank you to my very good friend and her lovable but annoying boyfriend and their amazing sons for making today such a great exhausting day!  I feel like i'm accepting an Oscar! 

Today has been the best day, with the best company, with our really great friends, SO before you read any further why not stick the kettle on, grab a cuppa and a Rich Tea and get comfy!. . . .

Our day............. we, the 3 of us and the 4 of them, took our trip to London to see the Queen, (this is what the smallest person wanted to do, of course it was a surprise visit and we hadn't telephoned ahead so HRH could possibly be out when we arrived but we were willing to take our chances!)

DH, amazing son and I were stood in our kitchen at 8.20am this morning, very excited and ready to go - our train wasn't until 9.40ish, we were perhaps a little bit too eager!

We were meeting the 4 of them at the station, and even though they have been teasing me constantly since my Shopmobility Scooter blog I was very excited to see them! Lovable but Annoying friend, had thoughtfully cut out the section in the local paper that dealt with scooters for me to browse whilst on the choo choo!! VERY Thoughtful!!!!, especially, as i discovered on closer examination that it was an identical match to the scooter in my blog, even down to the lovely basket! again VERY THOUGHTFUL!, all this whilst DH jokingly suggested that he HAD made arrangements for said scooter to be transported to a different station because of access, and that i was to meet it there!!  I took this all very well, thankful in the knowledge that none of them had the power of telepathy because secretly my back has been killing me and i had already maxed out on prescribed pain relief so i would have gratefully used the damn thing! 

But i will take that to the grave with me!  


Once settled on the train, smallest person handed out goodie bags full of well goodies(!) and we set off, but before we popped in for a cuppa and a Rich Tea with Her Royal Highness we thought we'd pop in and have a look at the Dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum.   

Chew Chellenge

We had to queue for about 45 minutes which gave us an opportunity to investigate the contents of our Goodie bag, barter, swap sweets and play the Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Chew Challenge ........... everyone's a winner !  


so cool

Once inside we met Dippy the Dinasaur, then onwards and upwards to the Creepy Crawlies and the Crustaceans, charming.....

After what my back considered to be a short lifetime, us girlies left the boys to explore while we went for a well deserved caffeine break and sit down!  Before we all headed back to the tube to go to . . . .

one of DH's and my most favourite of places. . . Covent Garden, I adore it there, i love the smells and  the hustle and bustle, its a place that I find quite magical, although i have been scared by some of the street performers in the past (i know .. what a wimp!)  but not today, today they were lovely and very friendly,

All apart from the dogman person (very strange) (pic below!!) he had some very unkind things to say about foreigners that were not so fluent in the English language!

Very strange dogman person!

After slowly meandering through the square we had a nutritious (i am funny!) lunch at Pizza Hut, and yes, it was just the kids that had the Ice Cream Factory!

Smallest person had been very patient so we took a
very gentle (only because my scooter wasn't where it was supposed to be ....) stroll through Trafalgar Square, Admiralty Arch, down Horseguards Parade  towards HRH who hopefully would have seen us coming and popped the kettle on!

No such luck, the guards do a pretty good job of looking fairly intimidating and have rather large guns, although when the police were waved at they did wave back! so after taking photo upon photo of the guard blinking, policeman walking etc. . . .we decided to wave goodbye, hoping that the Queen was peering through the nets and wave back, (she must have been out!) and head for home!

The train was quick and easy (not like the tube, where people literally want to pull you off so that they can get on! Nearly had to leave a man behind!!, thankfully DH's quick thinking and broad shoulders did the trick!  I've said it once but i shall say it again he is my hero!

Good Lord have just seen the time (4.23am) and i've not been to bed yet, i really should take some more tablets and hit the carpet!  Sleep Well!  

Only one bar of chocolate eaten today, should i have stood up and introduced myself when i told you that!??

If anyone reads this can you give me some hope and leave a comment, otherwise i may have to leave a comment for myself just to feel needed! (More stuff for the head doctor!)

Is anyone reading this??