Saturday, 23 March 2013

Don't rely on tomorrow, love well today!

"When you need me but do not want me then i must stay.  When you want me but no longer need me then i have to go."  Nanny McPhee said this, so not one of the great literary artists of our time, but isn't it ironic that it is so true! 

The people you love and enjoy being with never stay, not for long anyway!  People come and go in and out of our lives, with their stories and wisdom's of how life should be lived.  I have always believed that people have messages for each other and that there is no randomness.  I think that people never just bump into another person, but that each of us teach others lessons and because some people take longer to learn things people stay in their lives for longer etc.  Our children for example stay in our lives until they learn how to look after their own needs and how to stand on their own two feet (OK in theory!!) friends either long term or acquaintances are there to teach us something or for us to teach them something.  I believe that there is a path that we are all born to walk!  

Does anyone out there understand the chaos of words i throw on the paper (screen!)??? Please let me know!  

I will be forty in a few months and for some reason my mortality and that of my loved ones is becoming precious to me, in the past it was something that rather arrogantly i was dismissive about, because i would, of course, live forever, but what if i don't??  Please don't misunderstand me, i don't think i'm about to take a stroll to the other side but on the other hand DH and i have since 2009 been to 9 funerals of friends and loved ones!  the last only last week for our friends 18 year old daughter.  So maybe this is why i am writing with an unusual negative flow or maybe some melancholy is creeping in with the same uncertainty i feel about everything at present! 

My dad never gives advice, nor did DH's father for that matter.  DH's father would just stand there sipping his coffee casually gazing at you over the cup!  this is an art!! one that took many years of intensive dedication to learn,  the art of saying nothing yet filling the room with words.  DH's father could do this with the ease of a man that had been saying nothing for years yet giving some wonderfully insightful advice.  My father is more of a "cuddle will make it better" man, taking the approach of quoting proverbs and life stories.  

note to self .... if your head falls off do not look to the internet for assistance but call an ambulance or pick your head up and take both you and your head straight to casualty.  

I have no idea what this post is about or what message i am trying (albeit badly!) to send to you - other than my selfish need to regurgitate the past in a vain hope of laying it to rest!  it felt very important to write and say the things i have said although i must admit this is not the post i had intended writing this morning.  The post has written itself, for what purpose?? who knows!!! 

Have a good day, stay safe and don't forget to tell your loved ones you love them because we have no idea tomorrow will ever arrive so love well today x x